Thérapie alternative et complémentaire / Alternative and Complementary Therapy

As alternative therapies have become more popular with pet owners, we have added these modalities to the services we offer. Alternative therapies, which are also referred to as “integrative” or “complementary” therapies, include acupuncture, chiropractic, homeopathy, laser therapy, magnetic therapy, and massage therapy. We provide these therapies in conjunction with traditional medicine and surgery to help improve outcomes and to give us additional options for treating our patients. Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about whether these types of therapy could benefit your pet.

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    Laser Thérapeutique

    Le laser thérapeutique produit un effet anti-inflammatoire naturel. Tout en procurant de l’analgésie, la biostimulation des tissus par les impulsions de lumière permet une réparation plus rapide des régions blessées. Nous sommes à l’aube…

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    Therapeutic Lasers

    Therapeutic lasers are used in a number of conditions. Natural anti-inflamatory, the pulsating light of the laser beam stimulate tissu repair and analgesia. Joint pain, back pain , arthrosis, acute muscle injuries, wound healing are all condition…