Dec 14 2017

Santa does not bring pets down the chimney for a reason!

Every year, animal shelters, breeders and pet shops see a rise in animal adoption just before the holidays. What better surprise for your loved one than a cold wet nose and a fuzzy face to get them into the spirit?

Unfortunately, there is a dark side to this practice. Rescue organizations see animal abandon go up significantly in the weeks following the holidays, a phenomenon directly related to the holiday pet present trend.

So why does this happen?

Adopting a pet requires preparation and is not an impulse decision: knowing behaviour, being prepared for training, regular care and health expenses. An unexpected puppy can turn a household upside down, and that may mean difficult decisions after a few weeks.

A pet should be chosen: Surprising someone with a cute kitty or fuzzy bunny may seem fun, but what if there is no chemistry? Most of us have experienced that moment when a real connection is made with a particular animal. You just know that this pet will fit in. The importance of that bond is undeniable, but unattainable if the recipient is not present.

A pet is not a new toy, it is a living creature that implies a 10 to 20 year commitment!    They change one’s lifestyle, budget, home, heart and soul. This is a deeply personal decision and should never be taken lightly.

We want our furry companions to have a forever home, not just a home for the holidays. Make the pet project a year round one, it is already crazy enough during the festive season!

mflynn | Pet Care

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