Sep 26 2015

Who is your veterinary team?

When you visit a veterinarian’s office, there is often many people bustling about.

Each has an essential and important role in your pet’s life, so here is how to make the most of each resource.  Now we all know what a veterinarian does: diagnostics and treatment plans.

However without the rest of the team, none of that could be put into practice. The veterinary receptionist makes sure that the health care team addresses your every need, from ensuring appropriate scheduling to making sure all of your questions are answered.  The veterinary technician is your pet’s nurse.  From administering life-saving medications to managing your pet’s anesthesia, a ‘tech’ is the right hand (and sometimes the left hand as well!) of your veterinarian.

Should you have a question about your pet’s health or needs, the right resource is available for you.

mflynn | Veterinary Hospital

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