Aug 11 2015

Antibiotic resistance

The term ‘Antibiotic Resistance’ is popping up more and more in the media: so what is it?

An antibiotic is a medication designed to fight off bacterial infections. Over time and with poor usage, a number of different bacteria have developed immunity to antibiotics. As a result, the approach to disease management is becoming more targeted and antibiotics are being prescribed less and less.

It is essential to change our ways or else we will no longer have any effective molecules to deal with bacterial infections!

So how can you help?

Please always respect the prescription that your health care provider has given – even if things are going better. Just because an infection looks like it is under control, it is not necessarily eliminated. Under treating, either by giving less medication or for shorter time period, is a major contributor to antibiotic resistance.

If you are having trouble giving medication as prescribed, for any reason, please contact your veterinary team to help you through.

mflynn | Health Care

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