Jul 14 2015

What is an allergy?

pet allergy

An allergy is an abnormal immune response to something that the body should tolerate.

This can take many forms, from an environmental irritant such as weeds and grasses, to a food item such as chicken or lamb. As a general rule, environmental irritants have a seasonal aspect to them, whereas a foodstuff tends to be an ongoing problem.

We know that pets with one type of allergy often have a predisposition to the other, but it is impossible to predict the situation for one specific pet. There are many ways to control the symptoms of an allergy as best we can, from natural products to diet changes to medicated options. More and more we are using all three tools together to maximise success and minimise side effects.

See your veterinary team to discuss the options that are best for your pet.

mflynn | Health Care

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