Sep 25 2014

Cairo the coughing cat

Cairo the coughing cat

Cairo, A 6 year old Abyssinian, was brought to the hospital with difficulty breathing.  He was having trouble getting air into his lungs.  Upon his arrival, Xrays were taken and a foreign body was seen in his trachea.


We suspected this might be a tooth, but could not be sure.  Cairo was quickly put under anesthesia, and several attempts were made to pull out the object in his trachea.  Dr Flynn tried the Heimlich manoeuvre, as well as flushing his trachea with saline.  Unfortunately, our endoscope was too big for Cairo’s little trachea, and referral to a specialist was cost-prohibitive.  As a last resort, Dr Flynn tried to grab the object blindly all the while flushing with saline.  The mission as almost a success, but at the last minute, the foreign body flipped back into the lower trachea and we could just not get it.


We did know that Cairo had a nasty infection probably resulting from the object in his trachea, so we then decided to start antibiotics and cortisone to soothe swollen tissues and see what happens.  The first few days were rough.  His owner found it difficult to hear his deep cough, and felt he was suffering, but thanks to Dr Flynn’s encouragement and support, we kept going.  Cairo came to hang out with us at the hospital for a few days so we could keep an eye on him, and make sure there were no complications related to his cough.  Low and behold, after 5 days and some time at home, his humans started to notice a marked improvement!  Cairo came in to be reassessed after 2 weeks of treatment.  At that point, he was happy, and hadn’t coughed in 3 days.  X-rays were taken to see how things were evolving, and the foreign body was gone!


Since his little adventure, Cairo is doing well at home, he is not coughing anymore and is back to his mischievous self.

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