Aug 07 2014

How to choose a boarding facility

choisir une pension pour son animal

Planning a vacation when you have pets can be a bit of a challenge. Many options are available if your pet is not accompanying you and it can be difficult to make a choice between all of the options.
The first major decision should be whether to look for in-home care or for a boarding facility. Many cat owners prefer having someone come to the house, as it limits the stress for our feline friends and exposes them to fewer infectious diseases. You may want to look for someone who will come two to three times a day, and spends a bit of time with your feline friends playing and offering affection. In-home care is also available for dogs, but as dogs require more stimulation and attention, make sure walks and playtime are offered a minimum of twice daily.

A boarding facility is a popular choice.

These range from veterinary offices to private homes, to luxury hotel-like installations. Always take the time to visit a facility and take a complete tour, visiting all areas of the facility and assess cleanliness as well as the safety and comfort of the areas containing where animals are housed and are given exercise. Standards of preventative care, such as current vaccinations and parasite protection should also be questioned. Veterinary care should be available if your pets should need it, and do not forget to leave adequate information as to who to reach in an emergency. You should ensure that there is a person mandated to make decisions for your pet if you are unavailable (ideally with a signed document), as well as any financial details in case of emergency.

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