Jul 01 2014

Seasonal Allergies

dog outsite during summer

Spring has finally sprung, and along with the greener landscape and emerging flowers lurk some less appealing aspects to the season.
Yes I am talking about allergies.

This phenomenon is usually restricted to a defined period of time and can manifest through many different symptoms.  The most common presentation in dogs is via the skin: ear infections, skin infections, general itchiness and redness.  In cats, we can see respiratory issues such as sneezing, laboured breathing, itchy eyes as well as skin issues.  Though don’t forget, like with many health issues, not all our patients read the textbook!

Seasonal allergies boil down to control:  reducing exposure to the offending allergen as much as possible, treating secondary problems such as skin infections and therapies designed to control the symptoms.

Should your animal start to scratch, develop skin or breathing issues, it is important to see your veterinarian.  We will work through the different underlying causes (as other things such as parasites or food allergies can present in the same way) and then put in the appropriate control measures.  These may range from shampoos to pills, the combination of which will be targeted to your pet’s specific state of health, and physical needs.
Do not hesitate to contact us for further detail!

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