Jun 13 2014

Outdoor pets: what to look out for

dog outsite during summer

We all know that the farther our pets wander from home, the more trouble they can get into.  A little like kids, really!  Here is what should you be on the look out for if this is the lifestyle you and your pet have chosen.

What can they catch? 
All sorts of things!  Bacteria, parasites, viruses, you name it!  A lot of our wildlife harbour illnesses that can affect our pets either through direct contact or by contaminating our pet’s environment.  The good news is that by discussing an appropriate vaccination and parasite prevention program, we can act to prevent a lot of these diseases.

What can they eat?  
Pretty much anything!  From that chew that your dog hid last fall and is nice and mushy this spring, to the bird that your cat proudly left for you on the balcony, our pets get in to all sorts of things.  Diseases, intoxications and foreign bodies can all result from this very normal behaviour, so any sign of vomiting, diarrhea or lethargy should be promptly investigated.

What else?  
Traumatic injuries are always a consideration.  Cars, garbage such as glass, branches, other pets and wildlife all fall into this category.  There is no particular thing to watch out for, but if possible, define your pet’s space to avoid such issues such as a fenced area for the dogs or a harness for your cat.

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