Dec 21 2013

Make the holiday season safe for your pets! Part 3 : The holiday meal

The holiday meal

We all indulge a little during the holiday season, including our furred and feathered friends.  But did you know that our treats can be a disaster for your pet?

Mr Labrador:  Mmmm, smells good in here!  Mom and dad have been buzzing around the kitchen for weeks and today has been particularly busy.  They keep talking about ‘turkey’ but all I know is that the smell is making me drool.  My humans don’t like it when I am in the dining room during mealtime but I’ll see if some cute faces get a nibble or two.  But no, mealtime is over and everyone is just chatting and chatting and ignoring me!  I’ll just sneak into the kitchen and see if anything is hanging around.  Mmm, my sweet, considerate family left half the ‘turkey’-thing and gravy and potatoes just for me.  Doesn`t matter that it is on the counter, of course this is for me.  Uh oh, dad looks mad.  I’ll just creep over to my bed and take a nap with my full belly.  Uck, what is waking me up?  My tummy hurts intensely and I need to throw up!  I’ll go outside and see if I can find some grass, that will help.  But no, it hurts too much to move, and I can’t stop vomiting.  Hurry Mom and Dad, I think I have a pancreatitis and I need my veterinarian’s help right away!

Mrs Pug : Look at these crazy humans with their packages wrapped in brightly-coloured paper under their sparkling tree.  They are pretty interesting, especially those that have that lovely sweet smell.  Well, everyone is sleeping maybe I can go and check out what the source of that yummy smell is…  Oh what a treat!  It melts in my mouth with such a rich, enticing flavour.  I think is what Mom calls chocolate, she seems to really like it and I understand why!  I’ll just have another one…  oh maybe one more… oops, I’ve finished the box.  Oh well, as mom says, I will appreciate those calories!  What is happening?  I threw up a bit and my heart is beating rapidly and irregularly.  I can’t sit still!  My muscles are tense and…. Uh, I hurt all over now and can’t remember the last few minutes.  I must have had a seizure.  I’m going to go and get Mom and Dad so they can take me to the vet, I could die if I don’t get help rapidly.  I will tie the package label from those sweet delights to my collar, as it is important that my doctor knows how much and what kind of chocolate I ate in order to know how to help me.

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