Dec 19 2013

Make the holiday season safe for your pets! Part 2 – Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations

How beautiful our homes are at this time of year!  The twinkling lights, sparkling ornaments and bright tinsel lift our spirits and illuminate our surroundings.  But have we stopped to think what our pets see?  Imagine their thoughts:

Mr Kitty sees the tinsel:  Oh how shiny!  And it moves just like my favourite toy!  With a satisfying crunch-crunch when I chomp down, I must swallow this new prey.  Help!  The tinsel has become lodged in my stomach, and the efforts to clear it has created an accordion-like effect in my intestine and now I have severe pain in my abdomen.  The saw-like effect could even lead to perforations in my intestine and put my life in danger.  The only solution is emergency surgery, what a lousy holiday season.

Fido sees the brightly coloured ornaments in the tree:  What is this fun game my humans have created for me?  They have hung all of my toys in a tree.  Of course!  I must now gather them together one-by-one so that my humans can play fetch with me.  Chomp, chomp – oh now my mouth hurts and I think I am bleeding!  I had better drink a lot of water to rinse out my mouth.  Oh, now my tummy hurts.  C’mon Mom and Dad, we’d better head to the doctor.  I surely need the laceration in my mouth attended to, and may even need fragments removed from my stomach to avoid further damage.  What a lousy holiday season!

Mrs Ferret sees the little lights :  Oh how pretty!  And they move and blink.  I will get them, it is time to attack.  I know they can’t see my approach, so I will pounce and…  ouch, my mouth!  When I wake up I have trouble breathing and it burns.  What is this substance in my prey?  I hear my humans use an unfamiliar word: electrocution.  Into the transport cage!  My veterinarian will surely be able to help me breathe through all of this water in my lungs.  I hope it will also help with the burns in my mouth.  What a lousy holiday season!

Miss Budgie sees the shiny little bells :  Silly humans, they have put my toys all over the house!  Yay, I get to go and play with them all which is much more interesting than the same old toy I’ve been housed with for 2 years.  Ick, something is wrong….  My tummy hurts and I feel disconnected from myself.  I have no balance and am weak and, ouch, I just flew into a window.  Could it be that those pretty decorative bells had heavy metals (lead, zinc, silver or nickel) in them?  I must quickly get to my veterinarian, I am sure he
can reset my brain for me.  What a lousy holiday season!

Having pets does not prohibit us from putting up our decorations, but we do have to think a little bit.  Keep an eye on your pets and do your best to put decorations out of harm’s way!

mflynn | Safety

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