May 09 2013

Miss P – Amputation

amputation patte chat

Miss P has been a patient of ours for many years.

radiographs bone tumor At the end of last summer she had a lot of pain in her right hind leg and so her owner, Michael, brought her in. We proceeded to take some radiographs of the leg and a bone tumor was discovered.


Amputation was the only option to prolong her life and keep her comfortable. We hesitated to go ahead with the procedure given her excess weight and the fact that she had a luxating patella on the other hind leg. By this time Miss P had been hopping on three legs for a while so her owner was pretty confident that she could manage with a missing leg.


We decided to go ahead with the amputation and the surgery went really well. Miss P recuperated beyond expectations and as her owner predicted, managed extremely well on her three remaining legs. An osteosarcoma was confirmed by biopsy. This is a type of bone tumor that is more common in dogs and generally spreads rapidly. However it is not as aggressive in cats. We are 9 months post surgery and this week’s chest radiograph shows that Miss P is still tumor free! She has however developed diabetes in the meantime but this is under good control. It seems Miss P will continue ruling the house a while longer with Michael, her humble servant at her side!

hudson veterinary hospital amputation bone tumor cat


amputation catA lot of people are reluctant to consider amputation of a limb on their pet. Miss P is not the only patient we have performed an amputation on over the years and all of them have done very well. Before considering it, we ensure the other three legs are as sound as possible.Patients with ideal body score, not overweight, are better candidates. Our Miss P sure is defying the odds! 



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